Hello all! We've gotten back-to-back snow and ice storms and everything is just now beginning to thaw. I thought I'd go out and introduce you to the newest member of our family...

Meet Kevin! This is Kevin Dundee, an emu (pronounced e-miew) we took in that was found running around our neighborhood. The wonderful CJ of Heldergate barn up the street wrangled him and stuck him in a horse trailer while we searched for anyone who had lost an emu. As it turns out, there are more emu owners around here than you'd expect! Fortunately, Kevin was not claimed by anyone, and we brought him home to the Garden. Technically he lives in the pasture, but everyone who stops by Martha's Garden can still enjoy and befriend him.

He has the coolest eyes and feathers! If you were wondering, emus are related to ostriches, just not as mean. At least, Kevin isn't.

His feet are really wrinkly. Right now he's got red clay up and down his legs from sleeping in the compost bins. He might not seem like it just walking around, but he can run really, really fast! When he first came here, all Kevin did was stand down in the corner and pace, but since then he's cheered up and comes to you  when you walk out into the pasture. He comes faster if you're carrying something shiny or metal. 

That's it from the Garden today. Have a great day!

~Mary Hannah

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